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  1. By filling this form, the user understands that the information available therein may be transferred to third parties, namely to the manufacturer of the requested product, to reinforce the necessity of the requested BIM object.
  2. The password to access the private area is personal and non-transferable. The transmission of the password to third parties may cause the user's access to be ended.
  3. In the case of password violation, the user must inform concepysBIM and request a new access password.
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  5. The development of the suggested object will be exclusively dependent on the arbitrary decision of concepsysBIM and no guarantee of actual development is given to the user. The development of the object will be decided according to the availability of good information, relevance, complexity, among other factors.
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  9. In the event of non-acceptance of access to the website, the user will be informed through the email and all related information will be deleted.