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What is BIM?

BIM - Building Information Modeling

BIM Is a collaborative process for construction design, building and management, based on a three-dimensional digital model, merged with all the relevant technical information of each and every components of the real construction that it simulates. Among other possible uses, the BIM model allows designing, communicating, prescribing, testing, simulating, constructing, managing, rehabilitating, demolishing, or rehabilitating more efficiently.

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CAD e BIM library part objects

What are they?

Digital Replicas of Real Products

We produce digital replicas of real products compatible with different computer design, building and management software.

Product Simulation

The time for "Cad blocks" has passed.

Currently, products are digitally distributed in more complete and compact BIM file formats, which in addition to geometry include complete information about the product itself such as the manufacturer, physical and mechanical characteristics, links to websites, installation instructions, manuals, etc.

Intuitive Use

In BIM software such as Graphisoft's Archicad, libraries may be provided with graphical interfaces designed to help their users select the different characteristics of the actual products.


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