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BIM Consulting, Services, Training and Content development

Services for Building Owners


  • We support your BIM services contracting process
  • We implement work methodologies and technological solutions based on BIM
  • We optimise in place BIM work methodologies
  • We define and implement BIM standards, manuals and templates

Technical Support

  • We support decision making processes based on BIM models
  • We support building and facilities management


  • We support temporary needs of your company or institution

Project Design

  • We develop architectural and specialty projects supported by BIM model

BIM Modeling

  • We develop BIM models decision making and construction management
  • We carry out construction surveys and produce their respective BIM models


  • We train and support human resources in your company, providing them BIM skills


  • Get access to all our services through pre-configured time packages

BIM for Building and Facilities Owners


  • Reducing investment risks by making the ultimate goal clearer for all stakeholders;
  • Minimizing coordination problems;
  • Prevention of errors and delays in project and construction works;
  • Reduction of the financial risk in relation to the estimates of the cost of confidence and reduction of the number of requests to change the project;
  • Decision-making support;
  • Initial evaluation of the project, as a way to ensure that the previously established requirements are met;
  • Building performance and maintenance; simulations
  • Better marketing of the project, making effective use of 3D images and animations;
  • Better understanding of proposed designs and specifications;
  • Complete information about the building and its systems, in a single file;
  • Integration of the product datasheets installed within the BIM model for Facility Management;

Frequently Asked Questions

What is BIM?

BIM building information modelling is a collaborative process of design, building and construction management based on a three-dimensional digital model, which simultaneously contains all the relevant technical information for the different components of the actual building that it simulates.

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Construction life cycle