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BIM Consulting, Services, Training and Content development

Services for Designers


  • We support your BIM services contracting process
  • We implement work methodologies and technological solutions based on BIM
  • We optimise in place BIM work methodologies
  • We define and implement standards, manuals and BIM templates

BIM Modeling

  • We develop BIM models decision making and construction management
  • We carry out construction surveys and produce their respective BIM models


  • We support temporary needs of your company or institution


  • We support your transition process from CAD to BIM
  • We provide training to allow your human resources to project and collaborate in the BIM environment
  • We help your team to adopt more effective working methodologies: customization, collaboration, organization, advanced techniques

BIM objects

  • We develop BIM object libraries and customized BIM families to support your work

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BIM for Designers


  • Better technical communication between specialties
  • Better project compatibility / error detection
  • Increased productivity of architects and engineers
  • Fast extraction of 2D documentation
  • Better communication with the customer
  • Reduction of conflicts and changes in the course of the work

"We have invested in new software but we are not profiting from it ..."

"We recognize that the new project tools may be more productive but we do not have time to change..."

"We use BIM tools to develop projects, but we would like to improve our procedures..."

"We do not want to change the way we work, but we have to respond to customer demands ..."

Frequently Asked Questions

What is BIM?

BIM building information modeling is a collaborative process of construction design, construction and management based on a three dimensional digital model, which simultaneously contains all the relevant technical information of the different components of the actual building that it simulates.

More about BIM here.

We already use BIM as project support software. What are the advantages of hiring your services?

We offer support services ranging from BIM management to BIMobject library costumized development, designed to suit your needs. We can complement your team as outsourcing services.

How can we optimize our work methodologies?

The transition process can sometimes be complex and frustrating. The best is to do it with the support of those who have done aldready and who can guide you through the process, until you have acquired normal autonomy. We offer training and coaching services, supporting the transition of work methodologies in real situations.

How can we move from AutoCAD to Archicad or Revit without problems?

Actually, you can not. The process of transition from CAD to BIM is usually characterized by an expectation of increased productivity and return on investment in a short period of time.

In a process of this nature the management of expectations and correct guidance are essential to reach this goal.

Selecting the right BIM solution, team building and coaching are services we provide to help our customers achieve cruising speed as quickly as possible.

How can we provide BIM models without changing the way we always worked?

We offer professional BIM development services in outsourcing, which can respond to a specific need for additional resources in the development of a BIM model based on a CAD project, or simply the BIM modeling support of an ongoing project.