Project design and construction errors, reduction


Reduced risks


Centralized information


Optimization. Economy


Reduction in the initial cost of construction


Cost reduction over lifecycle of buildings

47% a 65%

Reduction of conflicts and additional works, during constuction

44% a 59%

Improvement in the overall quality of the building

35% a 43%

Reduction of risks and uncertainties

32% a 38%

Improved cycles of review and approval

According to information in


BIC2016 in Lisbon

In the past 13th and 14th of October, another edition of BIC - BIM International Conference took place at Parque das Nações, in Lisbon.

The first part of this event occurred in S. Paulo, Brazil, on 29th and 30th of September.

In this event, which goes around BIM related issues, participate professionals, researchers and experts from different sectors of construction, allowing participants to contact, in first hand, what is happening around the world, in this area

Get more information about this event here.

By concepsysBIM, Oct 17 2016 10:00AM

OLI BIM objects at Architects Board, in Lisbon

At the 25th October, OLI brand will present its new library of BIM objects at Architects Board building in Lisbon concepsysBIM will participate in this session aimed at disclosing new OLI BIM content and how it will integrate into BIM methodology. OLI's Archicad and Revit bimobjects were developed by concepsysBIM.

By concepsysBIM, Oct 12 2016 10:47AM

OLI has BIM objects developed by concepsysBIM

OLI is a Portuguese brand with an international vocation. This manufacturer of hydraulic systems for sanitary already is launching BIM object library parts both for ArchiCAD and Revit software of its OLI74 series.

BIM object libraries were developed by concepsysBIM thinking of the best way to support designer's work.

In ArchiCAD version, BIM objects have a graphical configurator that helps users to combine the control plates with the correct framing structures, reducing the need to consult catalogs.

Watch a video about these new bimobjects.

Get the new bimobjects here .

By concepsysBIM, Oct 9 2016 10:47AM

concepsysBIM participates in the Euralarm Symposium, in Lisbon

António Frade Pina, from concepsysBIM, will be one of the four invited speakers at the Euralarm international symposium to take place on the Intercontinental hotel, 9th May, in Lisbon.

This event will focus on the impact of new tecnologies within the electronic fire safety and security industries.

The Euralarm Symposium follows the yearly General Assembly of Euralarm, the trade association representing the industry. It is organised every year by Euralarm, and will focus this year on relevant stepping stones towards ‘Smart Buildings’ concepts and their impact on fire safety and security markets.

By concepsysBIM, May 9 2016 10:47AM

concepsys integrates BIM Technical Committee 197 - BIM

concepsysBIM joins the Technical Committee CT197 - BIM. The CT197 is the mirror committee of CEN / TC442 and ISO / TC59 and is the authority delegated by the Portuguese Quality Institute as responsible for the development of standardization in the classification systems, information modeling, and processes throughout the life cycle of projects of construction.

CT197 has registered a significant participation from the Portuguese AEC industry. This participation is an undeniable asset to the path of digital construction and BIM standards.

The AEC industry is a key part of the transformation to come.

By concepsysBIM, Feb 28 2015 06:00AM

concepsysBIM is official developer of content Sketchup software

In order to provide the best and most complete solutions for integration of third-party products in CAD and BIM systems, concepsysBIM became part of the list of official developers of content for Trimble's Sketchup software.

SketchUp, has a strong implementation with designers around the world, who use it as the main tool of the project or as a 3D tool complement to a CAD solution.

The ease of use, the aptitude for 3D concepts communication with different types of graphics, the availability of numerous extensions that enhance different design processes and the availability of free versions, are some of the factors that contribute to the diffusion of this digital tool .

By concepsysBIM, Feb 28 2015 06:00AM

MC - Mozambique architects adopts Teamwork methodology

In the early days of 2015 concepsysBIM was in Mozambique to support MC-Architects architectural office implement Teamwork methodology and carry out a first approach to BIM. For two weeks concepsysBIM was supporting software and hardware installation and training MC-Architects technical team, composed of technicians from different areas. The Teamwork methodology, coupled with ArchiCAD Graphisoft software, facilitates collaboration between the various elements of a project team, allowing all users to simultaneously edit the same single file centralized project. This translates into a significant increase in productivity and responsiveness of its users. This need was identified by MC-Architects, given the growth they have been experiencing in recent years which is expected to continue. MC-Architects is an architectural, engineering and urbanism office based in Quelimane, Mozambique. In 2013 this company was considered the Best SME in Mozambique, winning the competition organized by BCI (Commercial Investment Bank).

By concepsysBIM, Feb 16 2015 06:00AM

concepsysBIM gives consultancy support to an architectural office, in Mozambique

concepsysBIM was selected by the architectural office MC Architects Ltd, based in Quelimane, Mozambique, to support his team to take a step forward towards the implementation of BIM methodology. The company MC Architects was the winner of the 2013 edition of the "100 Best Small and Medium Enterprises" of Mozambique, organized by Banco Comercial e de Investimentos (BCI).

By concepsysBIM, Feb 16 2015 06:00AM

Telhas Cobert organizes BIM Technical Conference at Casa do Infante - Porto

Invited by Cobert, concepsysBIM will make a BIM conference session to be held by 14:00 on 20 January at Casa do Infante in Porto. The session mainly aimed at designers intends to disclose the new bimobjects developed by concepsysBIM.

In addition to ArchiCAD and Revit bimobjects, Cobert Tiles will also provide libraries of their products for AutoCAD and 3D Studio.

By concepsysBIM, Jan 19 2015 10:39AM

concepsysBIM participates in the Technical Session on BIM, organized by LNEC

concepsysBIM will speak in the Technical Session on BIM to take place on the 20th November at LNEC in Lisbon. This event is part of the dissemination activities of the Science and Technology Buildings Department of LNEC. The intervention of concepsysBIM, entitled "I for Information", will address various aspects of the information associated with the BIM model. In Portugal, the use of BIM methodologies (Building Information Modelling) by the designers is not yet widespread. However, it is unquestionable that BIM models can deliver extremely important contributions, not only for the design but also for the remaining phases, contributing to an increased number of benefits for the construction industry. Its implementation in the medium and long term will surely drive success and effectiveness of the sector regarding the sharing and communication capabilities among all stakeholders and at all stages of the life cycle of the construction.

This Technical Session is intended to engineers (civil, mechanical, electrical engineering, etc.) architects and other technicians related to the various stages of the life cycle of buildings, scientific researchers and students of the university and polytechnics.


Álvaro Vale e Azevedo, Economics Unit, Management and Technology Building LNEC Paula Couto, Economics Unit, Management and Technology Building LNEC Maria João Falcão Silva, Economics Unit, Management and Technology Building LNEC Ana Filipa Salvado, Economics Unit, Management and Technology Building LNEC.

By concepsysBIM, Nov 4 2014 04:40PM

Cobert roof tile BIMobject libraries at the Architects Board

concepsysBIM will participate in the presentation session of Cobert tiles on November 18 by 14:00 at the Architects board.

In addition to the BIMobject libraries for ArchiCAD and Revit,Cobert tiles will also disclose libraries for their products in AutoCAD and 3D Studio.

By concepsysBIM, Nov 3 2014 12:00PM

New BIM Informative Session


Architects, Engineers, Building product manufacturers, Facility Managers, Building Owners (públic & private). Under the cooperation agreement with the Training Department of the South Regional Section of the Portuguese Architects Association, concepsysBIM will be presenting another information session about BIM. This session is scheduled to occur next Thursday, the 16th October, between 6:00 and 9:00 pm at the Portuguese Architects Association building in Lisbon.

By concepsysBIM, Oct 16 2014 12:00PM

concepsysBIM at BIC Portugal 2014


We will be speaking about our experience working with building product manufacturers in the last three years. This session is scheduled at 4:40 pm in room 3.

BIC (BIM international Conference) is presently the most relevant international BIM event ocurring in Portugal, with participants from all over the world.

More about BIC here.

By concepsysBIM, Oct 9 2014 11:00AM

concepsysBIM performs BIM information session at the Architects Board

Under the partnership established with the training department of the Regional Southern Architects Board, concepsysBIM will make an information session on BIM. This briefing aims to explain to architects the key concepts involved in this methodology of work, from the point of view of the different stakeholders. It will address general concepts, tools, present and future situation, inside and outside of Portugal.

This session is aimed at architects, intern architects, engineers, manufacturers of construction, facilities managers, project owners (public and private).

By concepsysBIM, Sep 10 2014 08:00AM

concepsysBIM develops customized BIMobject libraries for Brazilian construction company MORAR

concepsys BIM provides technical support to the BIM department of Brazilian construction company MORAR.

By concepsysBIM, Jul 28 2014 11:00AM

concepsysBIM develops BIM model of INCM's facilities

concepsysBIM develops BIM model to support Physical Security management of INCM's facility.

By concepsysBIM, Jul 8 2014 08:00AM

Tektónica assigns one Academy award to Cobert

Cobert has received an Academy award from the organization of Tektónica for the technical presentation sessions of BIMobject libraries.

Cobert's bimobjects were developed by concepsysBIM that also participated in the technical presentations.

By concepsysBIM, Apr 9 2014 08:00AM

GO INTERNATIONAL [without leaving home]

It took place on 25th of March at 16:00 in the auditorium of Furniture Capital at the exhibition park in Paços de Ferreira the lecture on the digital dissemination of products and their integration in the design software held by concepsysBIM

By concepsysBIM, Mar 24 2014 09:00AM